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Chip CPU

Hardware is developed according to client specification.

Providing the client files from the CAD system and prototype.

Mother board

Writing firmware for devices

by tapping offered by the company.

Writing firmware for devices supplied by the client.


Writing software for connection to devices offered by the company or our costumers.

We build our application with .Net Core

About Us

Some time ago we are collecting friends with love to hardware, firmware, software and found company KMP Electronics since 2013. Then we made USB – RS485 Optical Isolated Converter and Dino II (leter we made better version and renames it on ProDino Eth)...

Featured Products

With pleasure we present you our featured products

ProDino MKR Zero Ethernet V1 accent
ProDino MKR Zero Ethernet V1

If you find faster, modern and powerful Arduino board, a ProDino MKR Zero V1 board is ....

ProDino WiFi V1.0 box 3D

Arduino compatible Wi-Fi device powered by ESP8266 WROOM-02 module...

What Our Clients Say

Mark Reno

Nevada, USA

Good job on the ProDiNo NetBoard V2.1! Works great!

Khalil Mohammed

Sell24hrs.com Inc.

I recently purchased the ProDINo WiFi-ESP WROOM-2 V1.0 and it is working great.

Jan van Kessel

Mondo Products Company Ltd.

Great board! Thanks

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Do you have LoRa WAN board? Yes, we have!
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ProDino MKR Zero series is coming soon
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