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About us - a short story.

We were three friends which love hardware, firmware and software. We have found our company KMP Electronics since 2013. At first we made USB – RS485 Optical Isolated Converter and Dino II board. (letter we made better version and renames it on ProDino Eth). By our client we’ve done KMP access control system, it includes hardware (devices), firmware (steering logic for devices) and software with a Web interface (that manage all system). Later we start to get orders and for a clients devices. We are continue developing our devices. Then we’ve made PRODINo WiFi-ESP WROOM-2. We’ve already had a large amount of built system for home and industrial automation with our devices, which a price effective and preferred from our customers because of their full capabilities which offers to solve a huge range of tasks.

About us. KMP Electronics Ltd

Our products have customers around the world. A part of our devices suggest easy connection with approved on the market automation system as: Blynk, Hassio, Souliss and etc. Soon we are starting and suggest end devices based on our development. Our target stay to develop new devices with already confirmed and raising popularity perspective technologies as IoT and automation devices.

The satisfaction of our customers is paramount.

Company data:

KMP Electronics Ltd. 

ID: 202410515

VAT: BG202410516

Sofia 1715

Mladost 4, bl. 440A, fl. 2, ap. A8


CEO: Dimitar Antonov


Raiffeisen Bank, Bulgaria
Branch: Sofia
IBAN: BG83RZBB91551011709936
Sofia 1407, 55 Nikola Vaptsarov Blvd.,

Expo 2000, Lozenets District


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