Do you have LoRa WAN board?
Yes, we have!

Our ProDino MKR LoRa WAN board prototype have already done!

From some weeks ago we started with research, find appropriate hardware and did tests. We were testing some devices with a different hardware and built test application with Arduino LoRa WAN compatible devices.

For our full tests we borrowed LoRa Gateway from your friends. We have done a lot of works but the end ... we have already done with our ProDino MKR LoRa WAN board prototypes. It is being our new device ProDino MKR LoRa WAN device.

Our device is an Arduino MKR WAN LoRa compatible device. It has same features as Arduino LoRa device plus relays, isolated inputs, GROVE digital connector, RS485 connection. The device is going to offer with plastic box it can mount to DIN rail.

ProDino MKR Lora Wan Board Prototype Accent

We are testing our prototypes at the moment. After some day when we finished with test we are going to prepare ProDino MKR LoRa for production.

Waiting it soon!


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