How do I manage my home everywhere in the world?

How do I manage my home everywhere in the world
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In this article we described how do I manage my home everywhere in the world through Blynk system.

If you wonder how to manage your home, here we will explain one of many solutions. Before we found Blynk and MQTT and try them we built our system with our protocol, servers and etc. The system was not easy to use and we abandoned it.

These system Blynk and MQTT are very easy to use with every hardware which has Internet connection and each one provides great opportunities. We use them for our projects and for our clients we developed same Blynk examples with them.

Each of the two systems has its own pros and cons, but the goal on this article is describe how to use Blynk to manage your home. An article for using MQTT we will write later.

The Blynk system contains two thinks:

  • hardware device;
  • mobile application.

Your hardware device is connected with Blynk server through Internet and your mobile application is connected with Blynk server also Internet.   See picture above. It provides very simple communication between mobile application and your hardware device.

How to do this?

The steps are:

After you execute these simple steps you are ready to manage your home everywhere in the world!

In our examples we provide opportunity to:

  • Switch relays
  • Read temperature and humidity
  • Show isolated inputs state.
ProDino MKR Zero Examples Bynk One project started

Blynk mobile application

Our examples work through WiFiEthernet or GSM (if you don't have direct Internet connection).

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