New ProDino WiFi ESP32 Prototype Accent

Our new
ProDino WiFi ESP32 is here!

New ProDino WiFi ESP32 prototypes are in our hands! 

The story: Our first WiFi device was ProDino WiFi V1 It was perfect WiFi device. Easy to use, with awesome Arduino community support. More from our clients really love it.

But in some cases our costumers wanted more free pins to solved your specific tasks. We started to find for new more powerful with more free pins and suggest more opportunities WiFi module. We tested modules from different companies. But at the end we chose Espressif ESP32 WiFi module. When Arduino supports for ESP32 module was ready, we have started develop our new ProDino WiFi ESP32 device. The first prototypes from our new device are in our hands. 

In road map you can see what next:

  • some weeks from now - testing
  • check
    Production - about a month
  • check
    Go to the market


  • Wi-Fi module ESP32
  • check
    1 x GROVE connector 
  • check
    4 Relay Outputs 
  • check
    W5500 Ethernet chip
  • check
    4 Optical Isolated Inputs 
  • check
    RS485 port 
  • check
    Switching Regulator power supply
  • check
    Arduino compatible
New ProDino WiFi ESP32 Prototype

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