ProDino ESP32 Versions

In these examples you can find how to use your ProDino ESP32 board.
ProDino ESP32 versions tutorial...

How to start with examples

Following next steps

  1. 1
    If you don't install a board and examples library, see here...
  2. 2
    In Arduino IDE select File>Examples>ProDino_ESP32>(example name)
  3. 3
    Click over the button "Verify"
  4. 4
    Press the button "Upload" and follow procedure described here...

Web Relay (EthWebRelay)

It works on: ProDino ESP32 Ethernet; ProDino ESP32 Ethernet GSM; ProDino ESP32 Ethernet LoRa; ProDino ESP32 Ethernet LoRa RFM.

If you want to change relay status through web interface, this example is for yours. Follow next steps:

1. Get your board IP address from debug console. In this example we used DHCP for automatic getting IP address. Like as shown below:

2. Opening the browser and enter your board IP address: